Delivery Policies


Most in-stock items ship within 4 days of ordering; however, some orders may take up to 1 week to process.
Please note that items ordered together may not be shipped out on the same day, and occasionally items may be temporarily out-of-stock or backordered. You will be alerted in either instance and will be provided an approximate date of shipment. Rest assured, any shipping delays will be communicated to you at the time of your order. Should any other unforeseen delay occur, you would be notified within 10 days of placing your order.

Shipping & Handling charges

Please note that shipping and handling charges are included in the price quoted of any product. Shipping and handling charges include the following:

1.    Rate per kilograms
2.    Fuel charges
3.    Service tax
Shipment to Out of Delivery Area (ODA) location is charged extra, these charges may vary between Rs. 1200-1500 per shipment as per different courier company.

Returns & Exchanges

All Make Home Happy products are guaranteed for its quality. We exchange our products only when their is a damage or breakage during delivery , please let us know so we can take care of the damaged product.

1. Exchange – We do not exchange our products. 

2. Damage – A damaged product can be returned within 5 days of its delivery. 

3. Custom Made Orders – Any Product which is custom made and has been in production for a customer post 24 hour of placing the order, if the customer wishes to cancel the order in between a 50% will be ducted out of the total amount. 

4. Prepaid Orders  – If a customer wishes to cancel a prepaid order 10% transaction fee will be deducted from the total amount and the balance will be credited back to the customer’s bank account. 

5.Order Which is place by a Customer and Shipped to the Delivery Address, if a customer don’t like a product or any other reason and wish to return the product on the spot or with in 5 days. The shipping and reverse pickup charges will be deducted from the refund amount.

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We are required to collect GST on every product. The price we quote includes the GST.